erased de kooning

by vanessa rossetto

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In late 2014, Casey Anderson contacted me about contributing to the Experimental Music Yearbook and proposed that I use contributions from previous yearbooks to construct a new piece. I was excited to give it a try but initially had some difficulty finding a way in. It occurred to me to build the piece out of the interstices - the unperformed parts of pieces and the silences between deliberate acts. I approached it as a playful and respectful erasing of the drawings the previous contributors to the yearbook had done. As in any erasure, complete eradication to the point of absolute vacuum is not possible - marks may remain that prove unusually indelible and in yet other spots the hand of the remover may prove too forceful and rend uneven holes in the plane of the paper. Sometimes in its carelessness the erasing hand will slice too rapidly through a crosshatched area leaving erratic stripes on either side behind it.

Practically speaking, I downloaded all previous audio submissions from all previous years the Experimental Music Yearbook has been published and manually erased, dissected and assembled them. All existing audio pieces from the EMY archive were included and no sounds not originating from an EMY piece were used.


released June 6, 2015

The submissions used in the creation of this work are as follows:

10,11,12 - Taku Sugimoto
20091 - Manfred Werder
Adventures With Julie - Anna Oxygen
Amtsee Bei Regen - Peter Ablinger
Josef, Lieber Josef Mein - Quentin Tolimeri
Oasis - Liam Mooney
Red Vine - Sara Roberts
RR48G - Lewis Keller
Small Preludes - Christian Wolff
The Rocketship in Langley Park - John P. Hastings

A Book of Orchestras - Greg Davis
Anemone Battle! - Laura Steenberge
Apple Splitting - Casey Anderson
Dactyla - Sara Roberts
For Barnett Newman - John P. Hastings
Humdrum - Clay Chaplin
Lethologica - Vinny Golia
Shapes of 3 and 5 - Catherine Lamb
Subset Canon - Michael Winter
Wattle and Daub - Julia Holter
Windrows/Litany - Mark So
Scene++ - Michael Winter
Shear - Olivia Block

Consonance and Dissonance - Tashi Wada
Das Lied vom Wein (to Peter Ablinger) - Bill Dietz
e.t. (l.a.) - hans w. koch
Eclipse/Scrub Study - C. Spencer Yeh
Field Transfer - John Bischoff
living room + accoutrements (database) - Casey Anderson
Loud Luggage / Booming Baggage - GX Jupitter-Larsen
Negative Space - John P. Hastings
Network Injection - Scott Cazan
spin/pull - Mark Trayle
STATUE - Albert Ortega

Hence where labour - G. Douglas Barrett
A Series of Moments in which Unexpected Events Occur - Scott Cazan
Dante's Inferno - Laura Steenberge
Daxophones + Homemade Hi-Hat - John Grazow
Plea for Proof (from Traces of Speech) - Jaap Blonk
She's only singing - Eoin Callery
326 Breaths - James Klopfeisch
Tim Feeney/Vic Rawlings - Tim Feeney/Vic Rawlings
Untitled (placing in space) - Christian Kesten

Berliner - Jason Kahn
But what about the noise… - d'Incise
Chord Sequence with Interruptions - Dominic Lash
Drogue Risk (1401 Crack) - Tim Perkis
I decide what it is I am going to do / what you must do rather than must not do -James Saunders
Live at Issue Project Room (May 5th, 2013) - Joe Panzner & Greg Stuart
Mirror: For Viola Spolin (version 2) - Olivia Block
MOOD RING - Matt Marble
Mourning Piece (second variation) - Joseph Clayton Mills
Remarks on Color - Anne Guthrie & Billy Gomberg
Strangely Alert/Cromis 1, Cromis 2, Harpsifloored/The Fleeing World - Bevin Kelley/Blevin Blectum
Trio - John Lely
WILD CITY & Snug/Ride - KCM Walker & Sara Peck



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